Split w/ The Citadel

by Tyrell's Owl

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released December 20, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Leonardo Perez.



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Tyrell's Owl Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Napok
A tétlenségben az órák lassan túl gyorssá válhatnak, ahhoz hogy felfoghasd őket. Gondolj erre, amikor csak féllángon élsz, ne hétköznapjaid legyenek, hanem napjaid az életből. A pillanat felejthetetlen, de örökké nem lehet a tiéd. Gondolj erre, amikor csak fél lángon élsz. Ezek életed napjai, életed napjai. Mögötted. Elfeledett napok. Készülj a messzi. Holnapra. Behind you. Refused days. Get ready for to the far tomorrow.
Track Name: No sort of Spontaneity
the masses why do the masses late an intellectual on his own alone you are into passionate debates political means but aren’t the masses arriving too late political ends no sort of spontaneity political books dominate a holiday scene the same old answers – this year again the same lights are shining on the sky while hearts broken prizes to rise the same lights are shining on the sky and the masses where do the masses stay you poor burnt out an intellectual on her own alone why does the electrician late? why does your revolution wait?
Track Name: Wide eyes, Blind Stitches
organizing campaigns demos in massive rains and eyecatching posters for fresh young angels yeah politicians around the table oh how beautiful it is their stable they provide a loud voice and hope for masses of crippled and the stoned fuck they are so damn hot shit they are so bloody cool as committed as ungiving as seductive as thrilling yeah they are great people sitting around that table writing passionate speeches for wide eyes blindstitches organizing massive campaigns we will stand there in heavy rains and yeah we’ll march for our pride than later we protest for other rights and we’ll sit in the sit-ins and we’ll repeat their lyrics and we’ll stand the stand-ups and we’ll riot when they tell us